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Sit-down 2016

We would like to invite you to our very intimate and exclusive Sit-down on Thursday, October 20th during the Amsterdam Dance Event.
This is your chance to spend time with us, and this is not necessarily a ‘workshop’ or ‘masterclass’, but more of an intimate, informal get-together which you get to ask us all of your career-related questions! Also, we will give you the opportunity to play your music and receive detailed feedback.

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SICK INDIVIDUALS return to MainStage Music, now teaming up with fellow Dutch duo Holl & Rush. ‘HELIX’ is a perfectly balanced fusion of sounds and styles full of energy! It’s definitly time to put your hands up and go crazy @ the main stage! Grab your copy right now!

SI - Against all odds banner

Against All Odds

We are back with another Progressive House record, ‘Against All Odds’ is out now. Grab your copy here!


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